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Heartworm disease. Spring is a common time of year for people to bring their pets to the vet for one of their bi-annual complete physical exams, any needed vaccinations, and for dogs, an annual heartworm check.

This is the perfect time for a Wellness Profile. While our technicians are pulling blood for your dog’s annual Heartworm check, we recommend that you allow us to pull a slightly larger sample of blood and run a few tests at an extremely low, discounted price.

Wellness Testing is also very important in cats! Even if your cat is not due for vaccines, they should have two complete physical exams and one Wellness Profile every year! Remember, our animals age much faster than we do!

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brinkervetvaxrxnVaccine Reactions

Vaccine reactions are uncommon in dogs and very rare in cats. When they do occur, the most common reaction is swelling of the face/muzzle. Other possible reactions include lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea or swelling locally at the site of injection.

If any of these occur, please call us or return to our hospital immediately so that we can treat your pet appropriately.









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