Canine influenza virus (CIV) causes a respiratory infection in dogs that is also known as “dog flu”.
The infection is VERY CONTAGIOUS, it is easily spread from dog to dog.  The virus particles can be spread in the air
(e.g. through coughing, sneezing or gagging) or by coming in physical contact with other dogs (e.g. touching noses).
It can also be transmitted through objects that were touched by the infected dog (e.g. toys, bowls or clothing).  Humans can even transmit the virus between dogs.
Common signs are
  • fever
  • lethargy
  • decreased appetite
  • cough or gagging
  • runny nose
Most dogs can have a mild form of the disease, but immune compromised dogs can develop
pneumonia and have a more serious course that requires hospitalization.
There is a vaccine to help with prevention of this disease.  Please call your Veterinarian for details and to set up an appointment.

*Brinker Veterinary Hospital has the vaccine available!